Contactless Determination of Optimal Chloride Concentration for Power Conversion Efficiency in CH3NH3Pb(Cl,I)3 Using Photoluminescence Spectroscopy

Takaho Asai, Seigo Ito, Takayuki Makino
2021 Photonics  
We applied room-temperature photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy for the compositional engineering of a CH3NH3Pb(Cl,I)3 light harvester in an alloy-based perovskite solar cell. This spectroscopic characterization determines the optimal Cl concentration where the power conversion efficiency shows its maximum in a contactless and non-destructive manner. The PL quenching ratio evaluated from the comparative PL studies between the films grown on glass/ZrO2 and SnO2:F/TiO2 substrates exhibited its
more » ... imum at a Cl concentration of 10 mol%, which agrees with the Cl concentration determined from the current–voltage measurement-based device performance. We also discuss the possible reasons for the coincidence mentioned above regarding the charge extraction effect induced by Cl incorporation.
doi:10.3390/photonics8100412 fatcat:4d2do6uzbfcbbj4ch7w665voee