International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2014; 2(2): 256-260 Histopathology of Clarias Gariepinus fingerlings exposed to Kaduna Textile Limited (KTL) effluents

Emere, Balogun, Emere, Emere, Balogun
The static bioassays to determine the toxicological effects of Kaduna Textiles Limited (KTL) effluents on Clarias gariepinus fingerlings were conducted. The acute bioassay showed that the opercula ventilation rates initially increased but later dropped as both the concentrations of the effluent and days of exposure increased. Histopathology of the gills and liver of the fish showed that there was oedema and mutilation of the gill rakers leading to impaired oxygen uptake as well as liver necrosis and dilation of liver sinusoids.