Official trade intelligence

1922 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
Spanish Trndc in Pyrites.-Durin tho first linlf of 1921 tlic sales of pyrites product4 i n t~i o spnnisli prorinco of IIuclva amounted t o 671,Gi5 riiotric tons, compnred with 754,713 t. and 1,698,972 t. in tho samo period of 1920 and 1913 rcspcctively ; totnl sales fell from 3, 937,945 t. in 1913 to 1,509,426 t. in 1920. This declino of roughly GO pcr cent. in tho csports is duo to tho economic situation i n Europo cind to the dorclopnient of domestic resources of siilpliiir in tho United
more » ... in tho United States. Gerninny, nltliongll Iiuying. srnallcr quantities, is still tho chief consunier. Tho distribution of tho csports in 1913, 1920, in tho first lrnlf of 1921 WIS :IS follo\rs:-1013 1020
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000411012 fatcat:n75gvdsx6ne6lgjs327sxn7cqa