Tunable distributed feedback color center laser using stabilized F2+** color centers in LiF crystal

D. V. Martyshkin, J. G. Parker, V. V. Fedorov, S. B. Mirov
2004 Applied Physics Letters  
The first room temperature stable tunable color center (CC) distributed feedback (DFB) laser is described. The laser utilizes stabilized F 2 +** centers in LiF (LiF:F 2 +** ) as a gain medium. Tunable DFB lasing was achieved in the near IR region (882 -962 nm) with a lasing linewidth of less than 0.2 cm -1 . The lasing threshold was found to be 1.2 mJ, while the slope efficiency with respect to pump energy was found to be as high as 3%.
doi:10.1063/1.1699446 fatcat:6mzzpfsecrhfrmyrla26kxmgyu