Negative Issue Ownership

Markus Wagner, Thomas M. Meyer
2015 West European Politics  
Existing research considers issue ownership to be a positive attribute of political parties, which are seen as 'owning' those policy areas where they are particularly competent and engaged. However, for some citizens a party may also be a negative issue owner if it has a particular bad reputation at handling the issue. The article describes and explains aggregate and individual-level patterns of negative issue ownership using a survey-based measure of handling perceptions from the 2013 Austrian
more » ... National Election Study (n=3,266). Naming a particular party as a negative issue owner is affected by partisanship, but also policy preferences and government performance evaluations. The effects of issue importance vary across issues. These findings lay the groundwork for more research on negative attributions of issue ownership and its empirical consequences on vote choice.
doi:10.1080/01402382.2015.1039380 fatcat:7ta24wxh3nh6dcwm5b7uakqvz4