Effect of directly compressible excipient and treated agar on drug release of clopidogrel oral disintegrating tablets

Kambham Venkateswarlu, Manyam Nirosha, Budideti Kishore Kumar Reddy, Badithala Siva Sai Kiran
2017 Therapeutic delivery  
A research was conducted to design a directly compressible filler binder characterized with rapid release and mouth disintegrating. Acacia gum was obtained from local source and was purified using a standard method. Tapioca starch was also extracted from cassava tuber using a standard method. Both primary excipients were evaluated for power properties and coprocessed at varying concentration using mixture of isopropranol and water at ratio 2:1. The various coprocessed placebo composite
more » ... composite filler-binders (TSAG) were evaluated for granules and tablets properties. The composite containing 85 % tapioca starch and 15 % acacia gum (TSAG-15) have excellent flow rate, angle of repose, compressibility index and Hausner"s ratio: 25 g/s, 30 o , 17.3 %, and 1.2 respective. The placebo tablets of this composite was characterized with high functionality, when compressed at 6.5 KN, gave crushing strength of 102 N, friability of 1.12 %, disintegration time of 5-6 min. Ascorbic acid tablets compacted with the composite filler binder having 80 % TSAG-15 and 20 % ascorbic acid gave good compacts with average crushing strength of 60±0.5 N, friability of 1.2 % and average disintegrating time of 1 min 48 s. Since the compacts possessed acceptable tablet quality and met the condition for a mouth disintegrating tablet by disintegrating within 3 min. TSAG-15 is therefore acceptable for formulation of fast release, mouth disintegrating tablets of highly soluble active ingredients.
doi:10.4155/tde-2017-0019 pmid:28730935 fatcat:y4g2enfi7fdcxhv3avzx5gecgy