Agro-Environmental Education in the Pedagogical School

2022 Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability  
Agri-environmental education is one approach to achieving sustainable development. Agri-environmental activities are designed at the national, regional or local level, so that they can be adapted to different farming systems and environmental conditions. From an educational and training point of view, this approach is used in pedagogical school as an environmental education tool. The aim of this paper is to systematize the theoretical foundations of agro-environmental education in the
more » ... l school and to contribute to the comprehensive education of students. The theoretical systematization of the foundations of agro-environmental education in pedagogical school and its importance is presented as a result. Systematization, document analysis, and literature review were used, which made it possible to consult theses. The theoretical systematization carried out constitutes the basis for the argumentation of the different positions in relation to agro-environmental policies, environmental problems and the need for environmental education, as well as the contents that should be addressed in this sense in the preparation of teachers and students as centers for the implementation of agro-environmental activities.
doi:10.33423/jsis.v17i1.5014 fatcat:fzitwpagi5e6tl72dki4kjv6ue