Region of Dark Matter Present in the Hydrogen Atom

Suto K
2017 Journal of Physical Mathematics  
This paper discusses ultra-low energy levels of the hydrogen atom which was not predictable with quantum mechanics. In the energy-momentum relationship applicable to the electron in a hydrogen atom, derived by the author, there is a negative energy solution, just like the Einstein relationship which holds in free space. The matter formed from a proton with positive mass, and an electron with negative mass that orbits near that proton, is smaller than an ordinary hydrogen atom to an extreme
more » ... e. When this unknown matter gathers in large amounts, it becomes a huge mass. This paper identifies such matter as the true nature of dark matter, the mysterious matter that physicists are currently searching for.
doi:10.4172/2090-0902.1000252 fatcat:bkilswocxvhphprpefgdq25lny