XXXV.—On the Composition of Chalk Rocks and Chalk Marl by invisible Organic Bodies : from the Observations of Dr. Ehrenberg

Thomas Weaver
1841 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
Downloaded by [York University Libraries] at 00:17 18 November 2014 29G hir. 1ve.ivcr's l%m o~l%renbcrg's Obserontioils SXXV.-On tAe Cotiiposi~ion ofClt,alk Hocks c i i d Chnlk M n r l by iriuisible Oigntiic Bodies : fi0112 the Obscivntiotis o f Dr. >I.R.I.A., &c. &c.t E'Areiiberg*. By 'r~Io>Ias \I'EAVER, F.n.s.3 F.G.S., THE remarkable discoveries effected, and tlic new liglit rhrown on geology by the indefiitignble rese:irches of Dr. Ehrenherg, (luring several years past, tliroirgh tlie
more » ... m of the niicroscopc, particularly in respect of tlie Infiisoria and Poly~lialamin tribes, liipnlily instructive and interesting as they most be to all naturnlists, arc cspecinlly so to the geologist, since they open to l i i n i n large field of inquiry, eminently tleserving of coltivntioii. T o dram attention to this suhject, wliicli involves no less tlinn an investigation as to wliiit extent minute orgniiic bodies, invisible to tlie naked eye, niny have contributed to the production of all limestone formntiotis, whether of an origin posterior or anterior to the epocli of the clialk, descending thus in tlic series to tlic prininry limestones, it appcnt-ed to me t h a t n sketch taken froni n portion of tlie labours of Dr. Elirenberg might be not only usefult but espccin!ly ncceptablc to sucli geologists as may not be convers:int wlth tlic language of the original. I propose then, in the first instnncc, to advert briefly to the earlier researclies of Dr. Ehrenberrr concerning tlie Coral tribes in general, and those of tlie Rex Sen in particular$; and iii tlic second, to present such extracts from tlic RIernoir, tlir! title of wliicli stands at the licntl of this papers, as mny nnswer tlic purpose of n general view. At the instigation oftlic liognl Academy of Sciences of Berlin 11, Dr. Elirenbcrg arid his fi*iencl, the IiitC Dr. I-lempricli, * Communicated by the Author. + With an Appendix touching thc remirelies of h1. Alcide d'Orbigny. See in the Abhantl. der Koiiig. Acad. d. \Vissenscliaftcn zu Ilcrlin for the year 1832:-1. Contributions to the physiological knowledgc of the Coral animals in general, and in particulsr of those of thc Ilcd Sea, with an attcnqit to elassify theui according. to their physiolugical clistinctio~is; read 3rd hlarch, 1831, with additions priiited 1 s t Dec. 1833, pp. ,015-380. 2. On tlic N:itiire a i d Structure ofthc Coral Lhnks of the Red Sea, read O2nd hlarch 1832; revised and printed in Peb. 1834, pp. 3 8 1 4 3 % Q . Ucbcr die Bi/dull,o dcr h-rcidefchetl und des h-reidmrergcls durch unsichfbore Or mbnicn, ill the 'rransactions of the Iloyal Acatlemy of Sciencc.; of Berlin. k r the >ear 1838, read 20th Trsvels of Doctors Ehrenberg and Hcmprich through Egypt,Dongola, Syria, Arabia, and the Easfern tleclivity of the highlands of Alijssinin, in tlie years 18?0-1805, conveyiiig a clear rdca of thc arduous and extraordinary laboiirs of tliote gcntlciiien in 211 brniichcs of Natural liistory: lhxlin, 18%. Dr. Iiempricli fell n sacrifice to his exertions in Abyshia, 011 the 30th of Junc, 1625. 53-1 43.
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