Mechanochemical Synthesis of Pt/Nb2CTx MXene Composites for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution

Xiaoyuan Fan, Peng Du, Xiaoxuan Ma, Ruyue Wang, Jingteng Ma, Yonggang Wang, Dongyu Fan, Yuanzheng Long, Bohan Deng, Kai Huang, Hui Wu
2021 Materials  
Production of hydrogen from water splitting has been considered as a promising solution for energy conversion and storage. Since a noble metal-based structure is still the most satisfactory but scarce kind of catalyst, it is significant to allow for practical application of such catalysts by engineering the heterogeneous structure and developing green and facile synthetic strategies. Herein, we report a mechanochemical ball milling synthesis of platinum nanoclusters immobilized on a 2D
more » ... ed on a 2D transition metal carbide MXene (Nb2CTx) as an enhanced catalyst for hydrogen evolution. After annealing at 600 °C, ultrafine Pt3Nb nanoclusters are formed on the Pt/Nb2CTx catalyst. As prepared, the Pt/Nb2CTx-600 catalyst demonstrates superior electrochemical HER activity and stability with an ultralow overpotential of 5 mV and 46 mV to achieve 10 mA cm−2 and 100 mA cm−2, respectively, in comparison with other Nb2CTx-based catalysts and commercial Pt/C catalysts. Moreover, the remarkable durability is also confirmed by accelerated durability tests (ADTs) and long-term chronoamperometry (CA) tests. The excellent HER performance was attributed to high Pt dispersion and more active site exposure by the mechanochemical process and thermal treatment. Such results suggest that the mechanochemical strategy provides a novel approach for rational design and cost-effective production of electrocatalysts, also providing other potential applications in a wide range of areas.
doi:10.3390/ma14092426 pmid:34066611 fatcat:qs6uiizojvdtpkunsn4pxtu6ye