Bee breads from two regions of Eastern Ukraine: composition, physical properties and biological activities

Roman Bleha, Tetiana Shevtsova Shevtsova, Vojtěch Kružík, Tereza Škorpilová, Ivan Saloň, Vladimír Erban, Ján Brindza, Valerii Brovarskyi, Andrej Sinica
2019 Czech Journal of Food Sciences  
Five samples of polyfloral bee bread originated from two regions of Eastern Ukraine were characterised by microscopic (SEM) and spectroscopic (FT MIR ATR, FT NIR, FT Raman and Vis) methods. Identification of pollens was based on the SEM images. Spectral differences were interpreted in terms of specific contribution of the main chemical constituents (proteins, phenolics, sugars, etc.) and pigments (flavonoids and carotenoids) of bee breads. PCA of FT NIR and Vis data was used for discrimination
more » ... f bee bread samples according to botanical sources. The morphometric parameters, antioxidant capacity and prebiotic ef fects of bee breads were also studied. Obtained results expand the knowledge in the composition and properties of this beekeeping product.
doi:10.17221/201/2018-cjfs fatcat:gtipb6dztnarxisqxwbeencz64