Torus palatinus. Report of two cases

María Lorena Re Domínguez, Rosalba Riveros, Tatiana Moreno, Beatriz María Di Martino Ortiz, Mirtha Rodríguez Masi, Oilda Knopfelmacher, Lourdes Bolla de Lezcano
2016 Nasza Dermatologia Online  
The torus is a non-neoplastic slow growing bone protuberance, which is usually manifested before the age of 30; Set in the hard palate is called "Torus Palatinus", and located in the lower jaw -"Torus mandibularis". In most cases, the diagnosis is usually incidental, during clinical examination, due to other reasons. The reason is that they are usually asymptomatic and patients are not aware of carrying a torus; hence the conservation treatment , unless it poses problems for the patient. We
more » ... rt two cases of incidental detected palatal torus in women. Figure 3: Histopathology. Mature trabecular bone with osteoblastic rim at the base of the biopsy (HE4X left), with osteocytes in lacunae covered by a cartilaginous cap formation. The intertrabecular space has vascular connective stroma, with no bone marrow (HE 40X right).
doi:10.7241/ourd.20162.45 fatcat:4ptujeqel5gxvoddlugmh6zquq