Vulnerability in adolescence: a case report of attempted abortion and sexual violence

Adna Thaysa Marcial da Silva, Guilherme Dias de Sousa, Camila Menezes Lohmann, Edson Santos Ferreira Filho, Walter Da Silva Pinheiro, José Maria Soares Júnior, Edmund Chada Baracat, Isabel Cristina Esposito Sorpreso
2017 Journal of Human Growth and Development  
Abortion, even when provided by law in cases of sexual violence, continues to be practiced in an insecure way, since women who suffer violence are not reported or guarded by social, institutional or age vulnerability, as in adolescence. Objective: Describe the clinical consequences of unsafe abortion, report this experience as well as sexual violence in situations of social and age vulnerability. Method: It is a clinical case report, with the consent of the patient, in the year 2016, of a
more » ... r-old female adolescent with a personal history of sexual violence by an intimate aggressor. Admitted to the health service with diagnosis of acute abdomen and induced abortion using antibiotic therapy. Results: Laboratory tests revealed altered C reactive protein and presence of leukocytosis, ultrasound showed heterogenic mass, computed tomography showed presence of cylindrical foreign body in vaginal cavity, surgical interventions, sepsis, clinical complications (pulmonary thromboembolism) and prolonged hospitalization. Conclusion: The history of violence portrayed in this study reveals an attempt of abortion with self harm, revealing negative clinical repercussions and the health problems of the adolescent. This person has committed an abortion that does not fit into the abortion criteria provided by law. It also revealed the need for further discussion on the topic, highlighting health promotion practices against unsafe abortion.
doi:10.7322/jhgd.127686 fatcat:aykotckp5vasxbv4tgmx562r7a