Securing and Monitoring of Bandwidth Usage in Multi-Agents Denial of Service Environment

Ogunleye G. O., Fashoto S.G, Mbunge Elliot, Arekete S.A, Ojewumi T.O.
2018 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
The primary purpose of Denial of Service attack (DoS) is to cripple resources so that the resources are made unavailable to the legitimate users. Due to the inadequate monitoring of activities on the network, it has resulted into huge financial losses. Bandwidth which is one of the resources being used on the network, if not properly monitored could result into misused and attack. This paper proposes a real time system for securing and monitoring the amount of bandwidth consumed on the network
more » ... sing the multi-agent framework technology. It also keeps a record of internet protocol (IP) addresses visiting the network and may be used as a starting point for the aspect of response in providing a comprehensive solution to DoS attacks. The bandwidth is pre-entered and an agent is assigned to monitor bandwidth consumption rate against the set threshold. If the bandwidth is consumed above the bandwidth limit and time set, then a DoS attack is suspected taking into considerations the DoS attack framework. This framework can be used as a replicate of what happen in the network scenario environment.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2018.090955 fatcat:bxqx6bre5zfm7niaebqs7mhuzi