Demonstration of a droplet electrohydrodynamic blower in aerosols [article]

Pramodt Srinivasula, Debabrat Biswal
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Despite a rigorous analysis of nonlinear electrohydrodynamics of a liquid droplet deformation in air, its influence on the surrounding gas phase has received less attention. We observed, air circulations created due to large deformation oscillations of a pendant water droplet subject to a resonating electric field act like a micro or mini blower in the air around the droplet. This is demonstrated through the deterioration of a strong electrostatic airborne particulate capture onto the droplet,
more » ... hen it is placed in an aerosol. Such strong local aerodynamic influence on the surrounding aerosol particulate, heat and mass transfer in the two phase system provoke further interest in fundamental and technological research.
arXiv:2203.03210v1 fatcat:puwmqsfs6zb3thy24acxndd2ca