Art. XIII.—Manual of Human Microscopic Anatomy

A. Kölliker
1861 American Journal of the Medical Sciences  
We have thus endeavoured to give our readers an idea of the contents of the volume under review, and they will probably agree with us that it con¬ stitutes a valuable addition to our medical literature-that it is a book which is wanted, notwithstanding that so many treatises and histories of the subjects of the work have already been published. It is not an elaborate scientific treatise, gotten up and written with the skill and carefulness cha¬ racteristic of the books prepared by Dr. Bartlett
more » ... ed by Dr. Bartlett and Dr. La Roche. It is, however, a very interesting and a very readable book. It conveys a great deal of valuable information, and supplies a want which has been felt of a succinct and satisfactory statement of the application of the views and discoveries of recent writers on physiology and pathology to the various fevers, in the treatment of which, as well as in prophylaxis, the practising physician feels so much the want of more light and of greater certainty.
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