Die Konflikte innerhalb der Großen Koalition

Egmont Schmidt
2010 unpublished
During 14 years of collaboration between SPÖ and ÖVP in Government there were continuously disputes in all different fields of politics. For the most part this can be ascribed to two fundamentally different ideologies of both of the dominant parties of the so-called "Second Republic". As examples serve topics like "Family", "Women", "Social Affairs" and "Economic System". Therein the diverse idea of man and society became clearly evident. Different approaches resulted in traditional ranks of
more » ... entele, who had to be satisfied. Consequentially both parties could find more potential for reforms in the respectively opposing core of voters than in their own, as exemplified in chapters "Agriculture" and "Nationalized Companies and Privatization". Numerous conflicts came up due to tactical considerations how to strengthen one's position, primarily to be read in chapters "Media", "Democracy and Constitution" and "Tactics, Personal Affairs, Scandals". Scarcely a conflict can be assigned to only one category but rather arises out of different considerations, positions and interests. That especially applies to chapters which are not explicitly mentioned at this point. Furthermore, private friendships and animosities between people who were forced to cooperation, should not be overlooked.
doi:10.25365/thesis.10125 fatcat:ceqjflzdsfbijjbmjptxi25pt4