Factors Related to Hospitalization or Institutionalization among the Frail Elderly in Sapporo, Japan

Asae Oura, Mitsuru Mori, Hisako Izumi, Masakazu Washio
2010 Journal of The Society of Japanese Women Scientists  
Intrroduction In the past, the frail elderly were cared for in the traditional Japanese family system because most Japanese elderly, over 60% compared with 20% or less in the West, lived with their children (Campbell, 1992). However, the number of children in each family has dramatically decreased, and the nuclear family has now become more common (Kono, 2003). Therefore, caregivers often have to take care of the frail elderly without any help because other relatives often live too far away to
more » ... rovide assistance. It has been reported that caring for the frail elderly tends to induce depression in the caregivers (Barnes et al, 1992). Caregivers' depression is a risk factor for caregivers' discontinuing their provision of in-home care (Arai et al, Abstract: The present study was conducted to identify the risk factors which could lead to hospitalization or institutionalization among the frail elderly receiving in-home care in Japan. The follow up study was conducted in 7 nursing home stations in Sapporo, Japan. Informed consent was received from 86 pairs of caregivers and disabled elderly in October 2008. We excluded 15 patients aged 64 years or younger and their caregivers. Thus, in total we analyzed 71 pairs. Among the 71 pairs, 2 died at home. Dying at home is regarded as successful in-home care and therefore those 2 cases were included for the analysis in the present study. The follow-up period of the present study was defi ned as 6 months. We confi rmed the current home health care situation by mail for family caregivers. Frail female elderly were revealed to be at a signifi cant low risk of institutionalization or hospitalization (HR=0.17, 95%CI=(0.04, 0.80)). The present cohort study is now being produced, and we intend to continue to report on it in the future.
doi:10.5939/sjws.10008 fatcat:4n6hyg6burcknkkptp2fnpgrcy