Editorials and Medical Intelligence

1858 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
We print the following communication from amcdical friend, in whose statements we have entire confidence. From it we learn that Dr. Brewster, the newly-appointed Superintendent of the Monson Almshouse, has been wronged by our editorial article of the 21st of October, 1858, entitled Politics and Medicine. We certainly have no intention of injuring the reputation of any man, or of saying anything which places one in a false position before the profession or the community. In so far as we have
more » ... far as we have unwittingly done this in Dr. Brcwster's case, wo are ready to retract the obnoxious expressions. The source from which our information was derived we supposed to be fully as reliable as that which now furnishes us directly the opposite assertions. We can only account for these contradictory opinions, by presuming our first correspondent to have been misinformed ; since we have no reason to think him maliciously disposed toward Dr. Brcwster, or that he would, knowingly, do him wrong. Our second correspondent, C. N. C, seems to have had the same impressions and information as our first ; it rests with these gentlemen to consider the new aspect put upon the affair, and to act accordingly. Our sentiments as to the general subject, remain wholly unchanged ; and we are glad to notice that our Berkshire correspondent agrees with us upon the matter therein at issue. " Messrs. Editors,-I have read, with regret, in the leading editorial in your issue of tho 21st inst., the following paragraph: 'Dr. Brooks, Superintendent of the Monson Almshouse, has been removed by his Excellency, through the agency of the very wise and conscientious Councillors, to make room for one of their political supporters, notoriously incompetent not only in his medical capacity, but in every other, except that occupation which has placed him where he is.' " I do not except to the doctrine or tho mode in which the ' general subject ' is presented. In this regard the article is excellent and timely ; but to the false ' fact ' furnished by ' esteemed correspondent, ' and made the text on which a good sermon is hinged, ' esteemed correspondent' is at fault, as 1 will show you. " The paragraph above quoted-unjust and undeserved as it is-is made worse by another correspondent, in tlie Journal of the 28th inst. -(muddy correspondent, as 1 will designate him for the sake of clearness). ' Esteemed correspondent ' only charges Dr. Brcwster with notorious incompetency and political parlizanship ; 2d, (or muddy) correspondent, evidently misunderstanding ' esteemed correspondent,' gives utterance to a burst of ' righteous indignation ' on the ground that Dr. Brcwster is a Ihomsonian. The charges, then, against Dr. Brcwster, may be summed up under three heads :-1st, He is incompetent ; 2d, He is a partizan ;-3d, He is an irregular practitioner-a Tliomsonian. " Dr. Brewster is well known in this community as a gentleman of liberal education and high character. He graduated with honor at
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