A Novel Study for Spatio-Temporal Query Processing using Privacy Preservation

Dileep Kumar
2021 Zenodo  
Abstract-The prevailing infrastructure of ubiquitous computing paradigm on the one hand making significant development for integrating technology in the daily life but on the other hand raising concerns for privacy and confidentiality. As Location based services (LBS) equip users to query information specific to a location with respect to temporal and spatial factors thus LBS put under extreme criticism when it comes to location privacy and user confidentiality. Here in this paper we are
more » ... ing the significance of our pro- posed scheme, a query processing architecture for privacy preservation in LBS, by providing flexible and efficient LBS model to ensure accurate and qualitative result set by employing some indexing scheme at location anonymizer as well as by Identifying possible adversary attacks to breach user privacy in the previous work with respect to location privacy and query privacy. Realizing the need for a unanimous query processing model which can operate in centralize as well as distributed environment, also flexible enough to provide privacy for public queries (snapshot/continuous) as well as private queries (snapshot/continuous) for public and private locations. Finally we will quantify the benefits of our approach using sampled results through experiments that the proposed cloaking algorithm is scalable, efficient and robust to support anonymity irrespective of scale of user queries in real time scenario.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4661499 fatcat:wmintauf2rfytdkbdxwxevckca