Nodirbek Turaboyev
2021 The Light of Islam  
Adherents of the Hanafi school make up almost half of the world's Muslims. Iraq and Maverannahr have long been the centers of Hanafi jurisprudence. The scientific relationship between these two regions has had a strong influence on each other. Fiqh works created by scholars of our country were in demand in the Islamic world. The work "Mukhtasaru-l-Quduri" was compiled in Baghdad. It has long been used in our country as an authoritative source. Many works on Islamic law, created by scholars of
more » ... verannahr, were written under the influence of this book. However, this work remains largely unexplored in our country. The article describes the history of the formation of Hanafi jurisprudence, gives information on the genre muhtasar, establishes the position of "Mukhtasaru-lQuduri" among the books on jurisprudence, and clarifies its advantages. We can divide books written in the muhtasar genre into several types. According to his resume, Quduri's work is not an abbreviated version of a specific work. The author himself does not comment on this fact. In a small study, we attempted to identify the relationship between explicit storytelling releases based on different media. The style of presentation of the work "Mukhtasaru-l-Quduri" and its informativeness made it a source of constant use for the Hanafis. It examines how the text of the work relates to the six books called "Usul" and how it served as the basis for many later books of the Hanafi school. The article presents materials about "Mukhtasaru-l-Quduri" as one of the most widely used books in Hanafi jurisprudence. The article puts forward the following provisions: from the moment of creation, written comments and glosses have been written to the work we are researching; authoritative texts were created on its basis; the work was written in the poetic form of manzum; translations of the work "Mukhtasarul-Quduri" into different languages have been carried out. At present, the scientific study of the Hanafi school is one of the main issues for the Muslims of our country. Therefore, along with research devoted to collections of fatwas by Hanafi scholars and books on fiqh, the further study of the work "Mukhtasaru-l-Quduri" becomes especially relevant.
doi:10.47980/iiau/2021/3/3 fatcat:loyzplolvvcmnhqymccerzwcm4