Downregulation of LANCL1-AS1 Promotes Tumorigenesis in Lung Adenocarcinoma Via the Modulation of miR-6748a-3p/PRSS8 Axis [post]

Guangjie Nie, Jun Liu, Jiakang Liang, Yi Yuan
2021 unpublished
Background: Lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) is one of the deadliest types of cancer worldwide. Previous studies have reported that the expression of LANCL1-AS1 was decreased in LUAD. Hence, the current study was conducted to confirm these findings and explore the probable mechanism of action.Methods: LUAD and adjacent tissue samples were collected after the surgical procedure. For experiments in vitro, CCK-8 assay and colony formation assay were employed to explore the proliferation capacity while
more » ... on capacity while transwell assay was performed to explore the migration and invasion ability of LUAD cell lines. Luciferase reporter assay and RNA pull-down assay were used to confirm the interaction between LANCL1-AS1 and corresponding miRNA as well as the corresponding protein target of the miRNA predicted by online bioinformatics tools. The effect of different interventions on RNA and protein expression was confirmed by qRT-PCR and western blotting.Results: It was observed that LANCL1-AS1 was low expressed in LUAD tissues and cell lines which was also associated with decreased survival of cancer patients. Overexpression of LANCL1-AS1 in cell lines was associated with decreased viability, proliferation, migration, and invasion, and with decreased subcutaneous tumor growth in nude mice. RNA pull-down and luciferase reporter gene assays suggested that LANCL1-AS1 interacted with miR-6748a-3p and LUAD tissue samples exhibited increased expression of miR-6748a-3p. Moreover, miR-6748-3p mimics decreased the RNA and protein expression of PRSS8 in LUAD cell lines. Interestingly, LUAD tissue samples exhibited low expression of PRSS8. The effects of LANCL1-AS1 overexpression on viability, proliferation, migration, and invasion capacity of LUAD cell lines were curtailed after the miR-6748a-3p overexpression or PRSS8 silencing. Conclusion: Our results suggest that upregulation of LANCL1-AS1 can suppress tumor growth in LUAD through the modulation of miR-6748a-3p and PRSS8 dependent pathways.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:ukr7t5ucljb4vh2aqnmerlojse