Rapid Self-Hypnosis: A New Self-Hypnosis Method and Its Comparison with the Hypnotic Induction Profile (HIP)

Juan Martínez-Tendero, Antonio Capafons, Viola Weber, Etzel Cardeña
2001 American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis  
Despite its clinical importance, there are few systematic studies on the application of self-hypnosis. Rapid Self-Hypnosis (RSH) was created to provide a new procedure that is easy, comfortable, fosters alertness, and can be done covertly in everyday life. We present it as an alternative to the selfhypnosis version of the Hypnosis Induction Profile (HIP). Using a crossover design, we found in an experimental session that the RSH and the HIP produced comparable objective and subjective scores in
more » ... the Barber Suggestibility Scale (BSS). However, as compared with the HIP, participants rated RSH as significantly more coherent, pleasant, faster and easier to learn, more likely to be used in everyday life and go unnoticed by others, less bothersome to use, and more likely to be used in private. Additional research should clarify whether these differences are reliable and have clinical significance. Our results suggest that RSH will be a valuable addition to the clinician's arsenal.
doi:10.1080/00029157.2001.10403451 pmid:11417145 fatcat:waou6vo2pfgohcztdvtj5fynzy