Una dictadura invisible. Genealogía e impacto del sufrimiento psíquico en la sociedad de mercado

Borja García Ferrer, Università Degli Studi Di Trieste
Far from establishing as the kingdom of absolute freedom, capitalism (in its neoliberal version) includes the sujectivity in all its activity and life areas. The rules for consumption increases its influence in a proportional way to the vagueness it determines our way of life and our expectatives, producing a paradoxical freedom which turns into an inescapable psychic suffering due to the compulsory structures inherent to it. The objective of the current article is, in fact, to show the
more » ... to show the pathological manifestations of such paradoxical freedom in the formation of a personal identity, taking into account the new technologies of the Power to impose its dominium and perpetuate ad infinitum, a modus operandi without any comparison in history.
doi:10.13137/1825-5167/30655 fatcat:4ir23c5ehfeyvmsxmns4dbob5y