A gluteal hernia in a human fetus

D.J. McCallion, D.H. Carr
Congenital Anomalies  
Sciatic hernias occasionally occur in adults '(Nyhus and Harkins, 1964). The hernia is through either the greater or lesser sciatic notches and presents as a bulge inferior to the gluteus maximus muscle. The sac may follow the superior gluteal vessels above the piriformis muscle or it may follow the internal pudendal vessels below the piriformis rnuscle. We have not been able to find any record of a similar hernia in the fetus, and, therefore, we wish to report and describe the following case.
more » ... ASE REPORT The fetus was obtained from a therapeutic abortion in a sixteen year old, unmarried, white female. The fetus was aborted on the third day following saline induction. The fetus is male with normal external genitalia. The crown rump length is 145 mm. , indicating an age of about 18 weeks (menstrual age 19 weeks).
doi:10.24540/cgafa.11.1_1 fatcat:olxl4koczjf7nkdwquwvpyrce4