Scaling Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Matej Pavlovic
I would like to thank everybody who helped me in my efforts towards this thesis. My parents and family who made it possible for me to study and supported me all the way through, all my friends who helped me stay sane when I was not currently working, and my teachers and sports trainers who taught me to work hard towards my goals. In research specifically, I want to thank, in the first place, my supervisor, Prof. Rachid Guerraoui, for accepting me as his student, guiding me throughout all my
more » ... oral studies, for trusting and believing in me and for opening many doors for me. The content of this thesis is also heavily based on common efforts together with my colleagues and collaborators, who contributed not only by sharing ideas and insights, but also by hours spent proofreading and correcting texts, providing feedback and in general by creating a great working environment. I also wish to thank the members of my jury, Idit Keidar, Marko Vukolic, and Viktor Kuncak, for their feedback and improvement suggestions. My doctoral studies were financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation (project 200021_147067). The possibility to even start working towards a PhD was given to me by the Mondi Austira Studen Scholarship by fully financing my bachelor's and master's studies. This thesis could not have been written without all those just mentioned.
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-9605 fatcat:gqv23p26k5gf7fdxcdz4mmzvwm