Šíření salafismu v Africe: mechanismy, strategie a nástroje zahraniční politiky Saúdské Arábie

Daniel Svoboda
2021 Mezinárodní vztahy  
The role and importance of religion in many countries' foreign policy seem to be rising again. Many scholars have shown that Saudi Arabia uses the spread of religion, specifically Salafi Islam, as a tool for its foreign policy and to strengthen its influence. Saudi Arabia is a crucial player in the MENA region and the entire Islamic world, and its regional and international importance is constantly increasing. The author considers understanding Saudi Arabia's activities and its foreign policy
more » ... rategies, mechanisms, and tools in Africa as very important, as Africa is becoming an arena for new powers once again. The article aims to identify how Saudi Arabia penetrates African states and spreads Salafism. It focuses on analyzing Saudi foreign policy, emphasizing the role of religion and its export. The author analyzes Saudi Arabia's relations with five selected African states, where Salafism is spreading, in the period from 2015 to the present.
doi:10.32422/mv-cjir.1798 fatcat:zoauooq5bva43g7on2xsdy5tyi