Intelligent Airflow Controls for a Stalling-Free Operation of an Oscillating Water Column-Based Wave Power Generation Plant

Fares M'zoughi, Izaskun Garrido, Soufiene Bouallègue, Mounir Ayadi, Aitor J. Garrido
2019 Electronics  
Control engineering in renewable energy systems is a delicate and tedious task, especially due to the unpredictable nature of the renewable resources, which requires precision and robustness. These requirements can be ensured using intelligent control, which provides better performance than many conventional techniques and methods. This paper focuses on the modeling and the intelligent control of the NEREIDA wave power plant of Mutriku in Spain. In this context, the design of two novel
more » ... nt airflow controls for a stalling-free operation of the Wells turbine-based power take-off system is presented and compared. The airflow control will ensure the avoidance of the stalling behavior using an intelligent PID controller. The first control design methodology is based on the metaheuristic algorithms to ensure the optimization of the controller gains. The second methodology is based on the fuzzy gain scheduling of the gains. Two study cases were performed to compare the optimized-PID and FGS-PID to a conventional PID in two wave conditions. The results show the superior performance of both proposed controls over the conventional PID, providing power generation improvement in regular and irregular waves.
doi:10.3390/electronics8010070 fatcat:kw72cd3wybc6bhycsse5eqruhi