SANE - Secure ANalysis Environment @ODISSEI Annual Conference

Lucas Van Der Meer
2022 Zenodo  
Privacy, copyright and competition considerations stand in the way of sharing sensitive data for scientific purposes. We propose the Secure Analysis Environment (SANE): a virtual container in which the researcher analyses sensitive data, but the data provider retains full control. In SANE, scientists can conduct research according to the principles of Five Safes with data that was previously hardly available. SANE exists in 2 variants: Tinker SANE: the researcher can see, manipulate and play
more » ... h the data. Blind SANE: the researcher submits an algorithm without seeing the data. The data provider approves the algorithm and the output. SANE is a collaboration between ODISSEI, CLARIAH (KB & NISV) and SURF.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7270308 fatcat:3dyz2ba5s5clvly2iqyjjfosbi