Continuous non-demolition observation quantum filtering and optimal estimation [chapter]

V. P. Belavkin
Quantum Aspects of Optical Communications  
A quantum stochastic model for an open dynamical system (quantum receiver) and output multi-channel of observation with an additive nonvacuum quantum noise is given. A quantum stochastic Master equation for the corresponding instrument is derived and quantum stochastic filtering equations both for the Heisenberg operators and the reduced density matrix of the system under the nondemolition observation are found. Thus the dynamical problem of quantum filtering is generalized for a noncommutative
more » ... output process, and a quantum stochastic model and optimal filtering equation for the dynamical estimation of an input Markovian process is found. The results are illustrated on an example of optimal estimation of an input Gaussian diffusion signal, an unknown gravitational force say in a quantum optical or Weber's antenna for detection and filtering a gravitational waves.
doi:10.1007/3-540-53862-3_176 fatcat:uvspz4usbzbe5pqk3f7575va3i