SCO2 closed Brayton cycle for coal-fired power plant [article]

Mounir Mecheri, DuEPublico: Duisburg-Essen Publications Online, University Of Duisburg-Essen
& NOMENCLATURE The analysis of supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle architectures has been performed by many scientific researchers over the years. These studied cycle architectures have advantages and drawbacks that depend on the context (application field, maximum and minimum parameter values, available heat...). In 2016, a preliminary study based on a sensitivity analysis of a supercritical CO2 for coal-fired power plant has been performed to assess the impact of the cycle configurations on its
more » ... igurations on its performance. This publication was dealing with several ways to improve the sCO2 Brayton cycle performances by using convenient cycle layout for coal power plant applications. However, the study only focused on cycle performance improvements and did not take into account the economic aspects. This paper intends to complete this previous technical analysis by comparing the economic results with the technical optimization results. The economic analysis is done by using the combination of literature and "internally built" cost correlations. The present work is one of the studies that can further feed the "sCO2-Flex" European Project that involves 10 European academic and industrial partners aiming at designing a highly flexible "25 MW electrical" sCO2 Brayton cycle for coal-fired power plant.
doi:10.17185/duepublico/46091 fatcat:pkmi6jhopzgxrfni2tri5f64vy