Whole blood platelet impedance aggregometry with the ROTEM platelet device: comparison of 2 anticoagulants and storage times for the establishment of canine reference intervals

Lara Mercedes Heimgartner, Martina Stirn, Annette P N Kutter, Nadja Sigrist, Rahel Jud Schefer
The ROTEM platelet device, a point-of-care whole blood platelet impedance aggregometer, is an add-on to the rotational thromboelastometry ROTEM delta device. The latter has been validated in dogs. We examined whether canine whole blood is suited for analysis with the ROTEM platelet device using adenosine-5-diphosphate (ADP) and arachidonic acid (ARA) as agonists for platelet activation, and if there are significant differences between sample storage times and anticoagulants used. Subsequently,
more » ... e determined canine reference intervals (RIs) for the ROTEM platelet device for ADP and ARA. In a pilot study, we examined whole blood from 7 dogs after 15-min and 60-min storage of lithium-heparinized samples and 40-min and 80-min storage of hirudinized samples. Statistical analysis showed no significant differences between ROTEM platelet device results for both ADP and ARA in lithium-heparin and hirudin anticoagulated canine whole blood. Lithium-heparinized blood samples analyzed after 15-min storage had the lowest coefficient of variation. RIs were determined for heparinized whole blood samples from 49 dogs after 15 min of storage.
doi:10.5167/uzh-210881 fatcat:fiz7nrfn3zc23nhun52mjrpfti