Review of Deterministic and Probabilistic Wind Power Forecasting: Models, Methods, and Future Research

Ioannis K. Bazionis, Pavlos S. Georgilakis
2021 Electricity  
The need to turn to more environmentally friendly sources of energy has led energy systems to focus on renewable sources of energy. Wind power has been a widely used source of green energy. However, the wind's stochastic and unpredictable behavior has created several challenges to the operation and stability of energy systems. Forecasting models have been developed and excessively used in recent decades in order to deal with these challenges. Deterministic forecasting models have been the main
more » ... ocus of researchers and are still being developed in order to improve their accuracy. Furthermore, in recent years, in order to observe and study the uncertainty of forecasts, probabilistic forecasting models have been developed in order to give a wider view of the possible prediction outcomes. Advanced probabilistic and deterministic forecasting models could be used in order to facilitate the energy systems operation and energy markets management. This paper introduces an overview of state-of-the-art wind power deterministic and probabilistic models, developing a comparative evaluation between the different models reviewed, identifying their advantages and disadvantages, classifying and analyzing current and future research directions in this area.
doi:10.3390/electricity2010002 fatcat:7jm5mqb5o5hpblcqprrrjyv37q