Efficient Dynamic Group Signature Scheme with Verifier Local Revocation and Time-Bound Keys using Lattices

Abhilash M H, Amberker B B
2021 International Journal of Computer and Information Technology(2279-0764)  
Revocation is an important feature of group signature schemes. Verifier Local Revocation (VLR) is a popular revocation mechanism which involves only verifiers in the revocation process. In VLR, a revocation list is maintained to store the information about revoked users. The verification cost of VLR based schemes islinearly proportional to the size of recvocation list. In many applications, the size of revocation list grows with time, which makes the verification process expensive. In this
more » ... , we propose a lattice based dynamic group signature using VLR and time bound keys to reduce the size of revocation list to speed up the verification process. In the proposed scheme, an expiration date is fixed for signing key of each group member, and verifiers can find out (at constantcost) if a signature is generated using an expired key. Hence revocation information of members who are revoked before signing key expiry date (premature revocation) are kept in revocation list, and other members are part of natural revocation. This leads to a significant saving on the revocation check by assuming natural revocation accounts for large fraction of the total revocation. This scheme also takes care of non-forgeability of signing key expiry date.
doi:10.24203/ijcit.v10i2.93 fatcat:7l3rapuprzggxgxr7mlisf2l5m