Physical - Chemical Issues of Cephalosporin Intercalated Nanoparticles for Life - Threatening Infections Treatment

Lucian Eva, Letitia Doina Duceac, Liviu Stafie, Constantin Marcu, Geta Mitrea, Elena Roxana Bogdan Goroftei, Elena Hanganu, Irina Mihaela Ciomaga, Alin Constantin Iordache, Alina Costina Luca, Dana-Teodora Anton-Paduraru, Madalina Irina Ciuhodaru
2001 Revista de chimie (Bucuresti)  
The fourth generation cephalosporin antibacterial agent, cefepime, was loaded into layered double hydroxides for enhancing antibiotic efficiency, reducing side effects, as well as achieving the sustained release property. The intercalation of antibiotic into the inter-gallery of ZnAl-layered double hydroxide (LDH) was carried out using ion exchange method, by this constituting a nano-sized organic-inorganic hybrid material for a controlled release novel formulation. Although cefepime is a broad
more » ... spectrum antibiotic, it has various adverse effects and a significant degradation rate. Thus, the preparation and physico-chemical characterization of nanomaterials able to intercalate this drug is an important study for medical and pharmaceutical field. The antibiotic inclusion into LDHs nanostructure was confirmed by advanced characterization techniques and the release profile of cefepime was analysed with the respect to pH of the simulated media.
doi:10.37358/rc.20.3.8007 fatcat:idys6ivpbneqbd5fbxrxzikp7a