An overhang-based DNA block shuffling method for creating a customized random library

Kosuke Fujishima, Chris Venter, Kendrick Wang, Raphael Ferreira, Lynn J. Rothschild
2015 Scientific Reports  
We present an overhang-based DNA block shuffling method to create a customized random DNA library with flexible sequence design and length. Our method enables the efficient and seamless assembly of short DNA blocks with dinucleotide overhangs through a simple ligation process. Next generation sequencing analysis of the assembled DNA library revealed that ligation was accurate, directional and unbiased. This straightforward DNA assembly method should fulfill the versatile needs of both in vivo
more » ... d in vitro functional screening of random peptides and RNA created with a desired amino acid and nucleotide composition, as well as making highly repetitive gene constructs that are difficult to synthesize de novo.
doi:10.1038/srep09740 pmid:26010273 pmcid:PMC4443763 fatcat:uocperl3hrfxbpspshyoxtjuwa