Representing Weighted Binary Codes using FPGA

Madhavenshu Dayal, Manoj Kumar
2022 Asian Journal of Basic Science & Research  
Nowadays machines are playing major role in any development. We need a language or code to communicate with machine. These language or codes must be machine readable and acceptable. Several weighted binary codes have been developed to simplify the communication process between man and machine. In this paper, some of weighted binary codes such as 5421, 5211, 2421 and 4221 are represented by using Artix7 series Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) board. Very High Speed Hardware Description
more » ... ge (VHDL) language is used to design a system which represents these weighted binary codes on FPGA board. Two FPGA switches are used to select weighted binary codes. Four bits inputs of each weighted binary codes are passed using four FPGA switches. Four bits output of each weighted binary codes are represented by using seven segment display and four LEDs of FPGA Board. Xilinx Vivado2015.2 tool is used to do the synthesis and simulation of the proposed system.
doi:10.38177/ajbsr.2022.4203 fatcat:h2lu6cixcvcwfobm3g5djfi2ea