The Effect of Catalyst on Bio-Oil Obtained from Fixed Bed Pyrolysis of Biomass Mixtures; a GC-MS Analysis

Kilincel Mert, Polat Fikret, Gunes Ebubekir Can, Toklu Ethem
2019 Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Applied Science   unpublished
This study is focused on the effect of catalyst on quality and quantity of the products obtained from biomass using fixed bed pyrolysis reactor. In order to conduct this study two different biomass mixtures (including polymer and cellulose) were prepared. Also two different thermally activated catalysts (sepiolite and bauxite) were added both mixtures at 15% by mass. The heating rate of reactor was 5℃/min and the proses temperature was 500 ℃. In order to ensure inert atmosphere, the nitrogen
more » ... re, the nitrogen gas was used at 20 ml/min flow rate. The reactor has an outlet which is connected to the atmosphere so the pressure of the vessel was equal to the ambient pressure. The formation of pyrolysis oil was investigated by GC-MS analysis. According to the results it can be concluded that, the presence of the catalysts increased the formation of the pyrolysis oil while decreased the char yield. The data obtained from the GC-MS analyzer device library also show that the pyrolysis oil formula is ranging from C7 to C30. This is an indication that the catalysts used in the pyrolysis experiments lead to enhanced oil properties.
doi:10.33422/2nd.rasconf.2019.09.596 fatcat:ovlh6si2kbfe7dkd6b52ffov64