Code-Switching im bilingualen Spracherwerb unter Berücksichtigung der beteiligten Sprachen

Deborah Michieli
2013 unpublished
In the recent past multilingualism has become more and more important in our society. As a consequence the phenomenon of "code-switching" has become more relevant for linguists. Therefore the topic of this thesis is code-switching among bilingual children, what factors determine the switching between two or more languages? I will pay particular attention to the languages involved; do language dominance or language combination have an impact on code-switching? In the first part of the thesis
more » ... erent theories concerning switching between languages are presented, the empirical part consists in comparing different studies that have been conducted with bilingual children. My thesis represents a meta-analysis, the following hypothesis are examined: a) Language dominance has an impact on code-switching. The stronger language determines the weaker language; as a consequence many lexical and syntactic structures of the dominant language are transferred to the non-dominant language. b) Languages that are related have a bigger impact on each other because their lexical and grammatical structures are more similar. In these cases code-switching should occur more often.
doi:10.25365/thesis.28888 fatcat:j5dscypfwjg43nyw36jphvmmly