The Influence of Biomass Masut and Emulsifier on Emulsified Bio-asphalt Performance

Xi Chen, Hainian Wang, Qinghua Wang, Xu Yang, Zhanping You
2017 DEStech Transactions on Materials Science and Engineering  
This study aims to explore and analyze the different influential factors in the process of preparing emulsified bio-asphalt. Colloid Mill was used in this experiment for the process of emulsification with a high speed rotation at 100 o C. The single factor analysis was adopted in this study to explore the influence of biomass masut and emulsifier on the performance of emulsified bio-asphalt. The experiment set the temperature of 10 o C, 45~ 50 o C and 60 o C , the content of the biomass masut
more » ... 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, the content of emulsifier is 2.0%, 2.5%, 3.0%, 3.5%, 4.0%, two types of emulsifier named SY-type and MD-type were used in the experiment to compare with the properties of the base asphalt. The remaining amount of evaporation residue of emulsified bio-asphalt on sieve, the penetration, the softening point, the ductility at 10 o C, the viscosity at 60 o C, the standard viscosity and the storage stability after 5 days were tested as the indicators to evaluate the performance of the emulsified bio-asphalt. It was found from the experiment that the indicators have a regular curve with the increase of the content of the biomass masut and the emulsifier. The study shows that when the water-oil ratio is 55:45, the content of biomass masut is 15~20%, the content of emulsifier of SY-type is 3.5% and MD-type is 3.0%, the performance of emulsified bio-asphalt plays well, the content is recommended.
doi:10.12783/dtmse/ictim2017/10176 fatcat:lrijwev2i5fznfwvzdkfslmfrq