Free-space Beam Steering in Two Dimensions Using a Silicon Optical Phased Array

Jonathan Doylend, Martijn R. Heck, Jock Bovington, Jon Peters, Larry Coldren, John Bowers
2012 Optical Fiber Communication Conference   unpublished
We report an independently tuned 16-channel optical phased array fabricated in silicon for 2D free-space beam steering. The phased array was composed of silicon-on-insulator waveguide surface gratings integrated with thermo-optic phase tuners and was operated both using a control algorithm together with automated real-time far field image analysis to target and shape the beam, and using a lookup table without real-time feedback. The device exhibited 1.6⁰ × 0.6⁰ beam width and 10 dB background
more » ... 10 dB background suppression in the far field across a 20⁰ × 14⁰ field of view. We show that by increasing the waveguide width from 1 m to 3 m we can suppress the sidelobe peaks by a factor of 2.
doi:10.1364/ofc.2012.om2j.1 fatcat:lypqab565bellgi4rzzl5nvi6y