Integrated multidisciplinary design optimization of rotorcraft

1989 Aircraft Design and Operations Meeting   unpublished
This paper describes a Joint NASA/Army research activity at the Langley Research Center to develop optimization procedures aimed at improving the rotor blade design process by integrating appropriate disciplines and accounting for important interactions among the disciplines. The activity is being guided by a Steering Committee made up of key NASA and Army researchers and managers. The committee, which has been named IRASC (Integrated Rotorcraft Analysis Steering Committee), has defined two
more » ... cipal focl for the activity: a "white paper" which sets forth the goals and plans of the effort; and a rotor design project which will validate the basic constituents, as well as the overall design methodology for multldlsclpllnary optimization. The paper describes the optimization formulation in terms of the objective function, design variables, and constraints. The analysis aspects are discussed, and an initial attempt at defining the interdisciplinary coupling is summarized. At thls writing, some significant progress has been made. Results are given in the paper which represent accomplishments in rotor aerodynamic performance optimization for minimum hover horsepower, rotor dynamic optimization for vibration reduction, rotor structural optimization for minimum weight, and integrated aerodynamic load/dynamlcs optimization for minimum vibration and weight.
doi:10.2514/6.1989-2132 fatcat:urjbhocwivdhjmyvyqibyuzf6y