Artl@s Bulletin Art History and the Global Challenge: A Critical Perspective Part of the Contemporary Art Commons, Other Arts and Humanities Commons, Other History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology Commons, and the Theory and Criticism Commons Recommended Citation

Jonathan Harris, Jonathan Harris
The challenge of globalization and the "decolonization" of our way of thinking have become a major concern for most art historians. While it is still too early to assess the impact on the discipline of the "Global turn"-a turn that is all the more timid that it materializes more slowly in public collections and public opinions than in books-we nonetheless wanted to probe scholars who are paying close attention to the new practices in global art history. Coming from different cultural milieus
more » ... academic traditions, and belonging to different generations, they agreed to answer our questions, and to share with us their insights, questions, doubts, but also hopes for the discipline. This survey must be regarded as a dialogue in progress: other conversations will follow and will contribute to widening the range of critical perspectives on art history and the Global challenge.