Suggesting Wind Load External Pressure Coefficients on Domes, by Reviewing Codes, Experiments and CFDs

F Salajegheh, F Rezaei Namdar, M Sefid
2016 Iranian Journal of Structural Engineering   unpublished
Dome-shaped structures are a subset of space structures which are considered lightweight structures and as a result the lateral wind load has special importance in these kinds of structures. As different codes suggest different values for the wind load pressure coefficient, these values should be compared with experimental results. Also the pressure coefficient can be obtained by use of numerical modeling and calculated by software. In this paper the most common codes are investigated and are
more » ... estigated and are classified in to three categories based on their similarities. Also pressure coefficients from these codes are compared with experiments and numerical modeling that were conducted by other researchers, and eventually suggests a pressure coefficient graph which has the most conformity with experimental and numerical modeling. In addition to conformity with experiments and modeling, using this suggested graph also has major effect on dome's weight reduction.