Ryan Suryono, Apol Subriadi
2016 Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology   unpublished
Internet technology has been growing and become one of the options for people to interact with others. Now days, one of the most famous usage of the internet was as an entertainment. Online game was a sample. For this reason, therefore the online business games also growth among the public. As someone frequently play the online games, interaction with other users could increase, which would lead for more users to join the game's community. In this community, users might perform specific roles
more » ... ole-playing), social interaction and exchange of information. People who did interaction can create their own virtual world. This was a new phenomenon in the human life among gamers. Meanwhile, previous studies have not been sufficient to explain the question why did people tend to play the games, entry to the virtual world, and brought it to the real life. The aims of this study was to find out the motivation that drives someone to play the game. This study also find out the effects of experiences and user interaction as motivation to play online games. Furthermore, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) was chosen as an object. The method of research proposed was qualitative study. The result of research could show that it was very important to know the deeper effect on the attitudes of players typologies constructed when people play the game. This typology could explained the motivation of people for playing games.