A new slant on photonic crystal fibers

Hong C. Nguyen, Peter Domachuk, Benjamin J. Eggleton, Michael J Steel, Martin Straub, Min Gu, Mikhail Sumetsky
2004 Optics Express  
We present the novel use of microstructured optical fibers not as "light-pipes", but in a transverse geometry to manipulate the light propagating across the fiber. Fundamental and higher-order bandgaps were observed experimentally in this geometry using a number of techniques. The comparison of the measured spectra with photonic band structure and Finite-Difference Time-Domain simulations provide strong evidence that the spectral features are a result of the periodic nature of the fiber
more » ... f the fiber microstructure in the transverse direction.
doi:10.1364/opex.12.001528 pmid:19474978 fatcat:mum26ojpi5hzjoggj7ey74qngm