Microstructural analysis for Sn-Bi-Sb-In alloy prepared by rapid solidification

S Mosaad, A Mohamed, Mustafa Kamal
I S S N 2 3 4 7-3487 V o l u m e 1 2 N u m b e r 2 J o u r n a l o f A d v a n c e s i n P h y s i c s 4244 | P a g e C o u n c i l f o r I n n o v a t i v e R e s e a r c h A u g u s t 2 0 1 6 w w w. c i r w o r l d. c o m Abstract In the present study, Sn70-X at.%-Bi15 at.%-Sb15 at.%-Inx at.% alloy (x= 0, 2, 4, 6), were prepared by melt spinning technique. Optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy combined with energy dispersive X-ray analysis (SEM-EDX), X-ray diffraction analysis
more » ... , and Vickers microhardness (Hv); were used to characterize the phase transformation and the microstructure evolution. The results contribute to the understanding of the microstructure evolution in alloys of the type prepared by melt spinning technique. This work reports on a comparative study of the rapidly solidified, in order to compare the microhardness and microstructural analysis.