Exploration Risk Factors Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children as Victims of Sexual Violence

Hera Wahyuni, Hamidah Hamidah, Nurul Hartini, Suryanto Suryanto
2018 Journal of Educational, Health and Community Psychology  
This research aims to explore the risk factors of post-traumatic stress disorder in child sexual abuse victims in Indonesia. Sexual abuse is a lifelong crime in which the victim experiences a prolonged trauma commonly known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We used qualitative methods to collect case studies, namely through in-depth interviews and participant observations. The research was conducted on children aged 11 -12 years of age who are victims of sexual and experienced PTSD. Our
more » ... findings reveal that PTSD in victims of child sexual abuse are associated with two risk factors: 1) Internal factors or vulnerabilities in children (i.e., low intelligence, shyness, introvert, and pessimistic personality), 2) Environmental factors (i.e., lack of support from parents, teachers, friends and people around the victim which triggered the development of PTSD).
doi:10.12928/jehcp.v7i2.8895 fatcat:o3ut5ng5mjbtjk5gawoqzdsmey