Analysis of Valorization Process of Aluminum Breakage Scraps to Obtain Green Hydrogen [post]

Xavier Salueña Berna, Marc Marín-Genescà, Josep Maria Daga-Monmany, Ramon Mujal-Rosas
2021 unpublished
In this article, it is proposed to use aluminum breakage scraps to obtain Green Hydrogen through the aluminum-water reaction with caustic soda as a catalyst. From this exothermic reaction, both hydrogen and the heat generated can be used. Due to the low price of aluminum chips, this allows us to produce Green hydrogen below the current price that is obtained using renewable energy sources and electrolyzers. On the other hand, we have developed a process that is sustainable since it is obtained
more » ... s alumina and caustic soda waste that can be reused. This alumina obtained, once filtered, has high purity which allows us to produce high-quality primary aluminum without the need to use bauxite and reducing the production of red sludge. A comparative study-analysis has been carried out of two of the types of forms in which the most common aluminum is presented in the industry to analyze which one performs better by studying key factors such as the hydrogen produced, and the waste generated during the process. Finally, the mathematical model has been defined to be able to control the flow based on different key parameters such as temperature, molarity, and geometry. Undoubtedly, the study that we present represents a milestone for the recovery of metallic aluminum waste and may be of great interest to industries that use aluminum in their processes, such as recuperators, but also the vehicle or aerospace industry.
doi:10.20944/preprints202103.0546.v1 fatcat:vs5fqq3zlnfpjafekzacfuz74i