High‐efficiency Al0.22Ga0.78As solar cells grown by molecular beam epitaxy

M. R. Melloch, S. P. Tobin, C. Bajgar, A. Keshavarzi, T. B. Stellwag, G. B. Lush, M. S. Lundstrom, K. Emery
1990 Applied Physics Letters  
The quality of pn junction photodetectors made of A1o.zGao.8As has been investigated as a first step in the optimization of tandem solar cells. We have obtained 1 sun AM1.5 efficiencies of 16.1 % for 0.25 cm 2 Alo.zzGao.nAs solar cells fabricated from molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) material. This efficiency is 3.2 percentage points higher than the previously best reported efficiency of 12.9% for an Alo.2Gao.gAs solar cell fabricated from MBE material.
doi:10.1063/1.103575 fatcat:oto46ss3rnan5e4lkxcpwncpdu